It is the ideal solution for patients with partial or total toothless due to age or periodontal disease.


More precisely, this is the All-on-4 implant technique developed by the German company Bego Semados.

The technique of All-on implants-4 at Denticore


The All on 4 technique uses four dental implants to adjust the new set of permanent teeth. These implants have been specifically designed to implant into the patient's available bone mass therefore, do not generally require expensive bone graft treatment nor extra period to heal and recover.


With traditional implants, 8 to 12 implants are used, which is more invasive, more expensive and most often requires bone grafting, which would not be necessary with the All on 4 technique. Denticore aims to offer the best implant technique at most affordable prices without giving up on High Quality service.

◾ There are many advantages of the all on 4 technique,


◾ Your new permanent teeth will be very similar to natural teeth that will feel comfortable.


◾ The most economical, durable and stable alternative in the treatment with implants


◾ Unlike traditional methods, most often you do not need bone grafting (saving time, reducing the number of procedures, saving). 


◾ You will be impressed with a perfect aesthetic result and custom design perfect smile.


◾ Low-risk surgery.


◾ If you replace your removable dentures with All on 4 dental implants you will no longer need to remove false teeth to clean them, as they require the same maintenance as natural teeth.


◾ Boarding resulting from their fall when you talk or laugh and finally finished, you do not have to suffer from bad breath either.


◾ Requires a shortened recovery time and remains as minimally invasive as possible.


◾ Reduced cost compared to conventional implantation of 8-12 implants per jaw. Only an annual visit to the implantologist is sufficient for the maintenance of the new transvisited implant-bearing dentition.


◾ Success rate of more than 95 % (as high as for traditional dental implants).


◾ Ensuring the patient's long-term results, Bego Semados guaranteeing its implants for life.

Perfect teeth in the shortest possible time


Thanks to the immediate implantation the patient saves the healing period after the sanitization of the jaw and can return home with the implants placed and a new temporary prosthesis (fixed or removable depending on the primary stability), even if it is necessary to remove the teeth at the beginning of treatment. Local infanesthesia performed by the implantologist ensures maximum patient safety throughout the procedure without the side effects of a much heavier general anesthesia for the patient.


Tooth extraction and implant placement can usually be done in a single procedure thus providing a minimal recovery period. As a result, the patient gets a set of functional teeth, allowing a shortened period of inactivity.


At Denticore, all on 4 technique makes it possible to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time and with the least possible discomfort. Most patients notice only minor pain and swelling during the day and the day after the procedure.


It is recommended to follow a light diet during the 3 months of recovery, until the permanent teeth have been prepared, but the ability to properly feed is quickly regained.

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In addition, patients with sufficient bone mass can decide to get All on 6 Implants.

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