▪️Take advantage of the know-how of our experienced but friendly clinic for tooth lightening using

▪️Zoom2 or Opalescence Teeth Whitening technology.


▪️The advantages of these technologies


▪️Softer than other methods


▪️Fast and effective (result from 60 minutes)


▪️Lighter teeth up to 4-6 shades


▪️Painless procedure

Why do teeth colour?


Several factors contribute to the natural alteration of the queen of teeth: hereditary reason, pathological factors, lifestyle (consumption of coffee, tobacco, red wine). 

Of course the dentist checks the reason for the change before applying the treatment.

What treatment does the specialist recommend?


Two methods are available:


Zoom  whitening involves applying a special gel to the surface of the teeth and then exposed to the Zoom lamp for 30 minutes. Thus the teeth can become 4 to 6 shades lighter.


Opalescence teeth whitening done at home


The patient receives a whitening kit that he can use at home. This kit contains a gutter, a bleaching gel and instructions for use. Of course the dentist recommends it only after an examination where no issues have been identified (untreated caries, fragile enamel).

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