Hollywood Smile is a popular name for the symmetrical alignment of healthy and white teeth.

The treatments applied to gain a Hollywood smile vary from person to person. Because anyone has symmetrical but not white teeth. The treatment that should be applied for this person is teeth whitening or cleaning treatment. After such a procedure, a person can have a
Hollywood Smile.

One of the situations that prevents you from having a Hollywood smile is the extracted teeth. There will be a gap in the place where the tooth has been pulled because no other tooth will come out. The method applied to close this gap is dental implants. In the treatment of dental implants, the palate is cut and the root of the tooth, which has the same appearance as the original tooth, is placed on the palate. The operation is completed by fixing the surface of the tooth and making detailed measurements.


One of the methods used in the treatment of Hollywood smile is zirconium crowns. Zirconium aesthetic dental applications and zirconium crowns are among the treatment methods closest to tooth color. Zirconium crowns have advantages for the patient. They are similar to tooth color and give a more natural appearance. It is a durable and corrosion resistant material.

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Hollywood Smile is a cosmetic operation favored by most celebrities and models around the world. The procedure aims to create a bright, aligned and deciduous tooth appearance.



For the comfort and safety of our patients, we help our patients in their urban transportation.

First, you will meet your dentist and use our consulting service. Your dentist will examine your teeth and jaw condition and then plan your treatment.



Your dentist will initiate treatment or treatments that may be necessary before Hollywood Smile.

If there are problems in the teeth, such as caries, infection, or gum disease, the first goal will be to solve these problems before starting treatment.



At this stage of treatment, the teeth are shaved and measured using mold from the patient's mouth.

Measurements are then sent to the laboratory to prepare coatings that best suit your mouth and tooth shape.



After taking measurements of the patient, the laboratory needs time to produce the highest quality coatings for your treatment.

Your dentist will inform you and arrange an appointment to place Hollywood Smile coatings.



During Hollywood Smile treatment, the dentist reshapes the structure of the teeth. The procedure is painless with local anesthesia.

After treatment, we will escort you to the hotel to rest and test your new smile.



After testing your white and proportioned new teeth, our team will accompany you to the Natural clinic to check on you and your results.

Then we'll escort you to the airport and witness you step into a new beginning.

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