How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

Cakes, cookies, sweets, sugary soft drinks – they are waiting to attract you and your children almost everywhere you go. Although the effect of sugar on the teeth cannot be seen immediately, it can cause tooth decay if you don't pay attention. You can read below how sugar can affect your family's dental health and how you can prevent it. Acid Attack

When you consume sugary foods or drinks – refined, processed, or in carbohydrate form – you are actually feeding a monster. Bacteria in your mouth digest what you eat and feed mainly on sugar; it slowly dissolves your tooth enamel, producing acids that can cause tooth decay. These acids cause the greatest harm to the tooth within 20 minutes after eating, which is called an “acid attack”. The more sugary foods you consume during the day, the more you expose your teeth to acid attacks. Logical Food Choices

What can you do to protect your family from these acid attacks? It is unrealistic to completely exclude sugar from your family's diet, because most nutrients contain either sugar or starch. However, by keeping the amount of sugar that you and your family consume under control, you can limit the time period when your teeth are exposed to acid attacks. Consider the following recommendations:

Follow a balanced diet with plenty of fiber, fruits, vegetables, protein

Check the food labels for hidden candies

Limit snacks between meals dec

Avoid foods that stay in the mouth for a long time (for example, sticky sweets

Consume sugary foods at the end of the meal or before your brushing session

Drink water instead of sugary soft drinks. Oral Hygiene Is A Good Protection

Brush thoroughly cleans the surfaces of your teeth after eating sugary food particles and plaque buildup; flossing cleans between the teeth, which is a place where bacteria can easily be stored. If you need to brush your teeth to prevent an acid attack, you can take a toothbrush with you to work or give it to your child on the way to school when you are not at home. To strengthen your teeth and better protect them from acids, have your family use fluoride toothpaste. Preventive Maintenance and Early Diagnosis

Early intervention for tooth decay can be achieved by arranging a regular dentist check-up and dental cleaning.

The fact that most people like sugar very much is undeniable. If you get the necessary nutrition and oral care habits now, you may not have to deal with the effect of sugar on the teeth while experiencing greater life changes. Author , Denti Core

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