5 Reasons Why Public Health is Important?

1) As a result of public health, we are able to understand how tuberculosis was spread and treated. This led us to create the first vaccine for it in 1944. 2) In 1854 when cholera hit London, John Snow discovered that contaminated water caused people's illnesses by mapping where victims lived with cases on one map then plotting them together with deaths from other causes like childbirth or old age-and he saw they were clustered near polluted water sources at this time. 3) The discovery of penicillin has saved many lives over the years as well since antibiotics have been used before surgery and other medical procedures 4). Our understanding about disease transmission became more detailed because scientists understood things such as why 5).In 1900, military surgeon Walter Reed discovered Americans weren't immune to yellow fever like they used think...this meant people could now travel abroad without risking death or disease when before everyone thought you couldn't get sick if you lived here! We forget sometimes that new things

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